PUR:PUR — Stay

Cm (01220x) Cm/G (012203)| Cm/Cm (01221x) Ho (x3232x)||
Cm Cm/G| Fm (223442) F (112331)||
Cm C/G (0102×3) C (01023x)| G (2320xx)||
C/F (3103xx)| C/C (3102xx)| C/Cb (3101xx)| Gsus7 (3120xx)| (3 проведения)
C| G/H (03002x)| Cm7| G (330023)|
Fm| Hb (667886)|

What Do I have?
I don’t need it.
What Do I know?
I’ve forgot it.
Grieving rows of my thoughts
Thrown away
Please stay… Please stay… Please stay…

Crows are black…
And I don’t see ’em.
Love is back?
Such a bad time…
You were there and
I was here
Thrown away
Don’t stay… Don’t stay… Don’t stay…

Less than much
More than nothing
Stay in touch
Stay to touch me
Fear is gone
Hand is strong now
Take the gun shoot my head out…
Shoot my head out…
Shoot my head out…

I don’t need anything now
I need anyone now
feel hate for everything now
feel hate for everyone now

and when you’re gone my world’s over!

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