Muse — Megalomania

В начале я напишу аккорды, которые могут вызвать затруднения.
F#7sus4: 242422.
E/G#: 4×2100.
Gaug: 3×0443.
C*: ×32013.
G6: 322000.
G/B: ×20033.
G/A также, но с нулевым ладом на 5 струне.

Размер: 4/4
Em | Em | Em F#7sus4 | Am B7 | Em C
G/B Am | G6 E/G# | Am B7 | (6 тактов Em)

I куплет:
Em F#m Am B7
Paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay.
Em Am/C G/B Am G6 E/G# Am B7 Em
What are we built for? Could someone tell me, please?
Em F#m Am
The good news is she can’t have babies and won’t accept gifts
from me?
Em C G/B Am G6 E/G# Am
What are they for? They’ll just grow up and break the laws
B7 Em
you’ve loved…

Bridge: быстро — DDDDDB

C Am D G/A Gaug C*
Ta—a—ke off your dis—guise.
I know that under—neath
It’s me.
1-ая концовка: B7 | Em | Em | Em | Em

2-ая концовка: B7 | F# | D | B | D | F# | D | F# | D

II куплет. Аккорды такие же до слов «What are they for?»
Useless device, it won’t suffice.
I want a new game to play.
When I am gone, it won’t be long
Before I disturb you in the dark.
And paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay.
Em E/G# G6 E/G#
What were we built for?
Am B7 Em
Will someone tell me, please?

Bridge: быстро — DDDDDB

Играть припев, но, добавляя 2-ую концовку.



Аккорды Muse - Megalomania и текст песни
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