Lera Lynn — The Only Thing Worth Fighting For

key: A minor
tempo: Q=115 bpm
tuning: standard tuning
electric guitar sound: a dirty clean tone a slap-back delay

Notice the percussive strums on the back-beats, on 2 and 4,
either by strumming some muted (x) strings, or by accentuating the chords.


Cm F6 G G/B C Gm C7



| Cm| — | F6 | — |

| G | — | F6 | — |

Cm F6
Waking up is harder than it seems

G F6
Wandering through these empty rooms of dusty books and quiet dreams

Cm F6
Pictures on the mantle, speak your name

G F6
Softly like forgotten tunes, just outside the sound of pain

Cm G/B
Weren’t we like a pair of thieves

With tumbled locks and broken codes

You cannot take that from me. My

small reprieves, your heart of gold

Cm G/B
Weren’t we like a battlefield

Locked inside a holy war

You’re loving my due diligence;

C7 Cm
The only thing worth fighting for


Cm F6
Change will come to those who have no fear

G F6
But I’m not her. You never were the kind who kept a rulebook near

Cm F6
What I said was never what I meant.

G F6
And now you’ve seen my world in flames, my shadow songs, my deep regret


[INTERLUDE], end on Cm

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