Kate Bush — Brazil

Вступление: G

C Am/c C Cadd9 Dm/c
Brazil when hearts were entertained in June
We stood beneath an amber moon
C C+
And softly whispered ‘some day soon’
Cm C+7 B+7 A#+7
We kissed and clung together
A7 Em7-5 A7 Em7-5 A7 Em7-5
Then tomorrow was another day
A7 Em7-5 A7
The morning found me miles away
A Dm/f Dm+5 Dm6 Dm+5 Dm
With still a million things to say
Dm-5 G
Now when twilight beams the skies above
C Dm-5
Recalling thrills of our love
There’s one thing I’m certain of
G7 G6/d
Return I will
F Asus2
To old Brazil

Комментарий автора:
Am/c [x32210]
Dm/c [x30231]
Dm-5 [xx0131]
Dm/f [xx3231]
Em7-5 [xx2333]
Dm+5 [xx0331]
G6/d [xx0030]



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