Hero (Sterling Knight, OST «Starstruck») аккорды для гитары

Intro: Cm D# Bb G#

I’m a superman D#
I can take your hand
And fly you anywhere
You wanna Go yeah

I can read your mind
Like a billboard sign
And tell you everything
You wanna give up
F G#
I’ll be your hero

D# Bb
I, I can be everything you need
Cm Bb
If you’re the one for me
G# Bb
Like gravity I’ll be unstoppable
D# Bb
I, yeah, believe in destiny
Cm Bb
Or maybe I’m ordinary guy
Without a soul
D# Bb
But if you’re the one for me
I’ll be your hero
D# Bb
(If you’ll be the one)
I’ll be your hero
(If you’ll be the one)
I’ll be your hero

Searching high and low
Trying every row
But if I see your face
I’ll barely know (yeah)

But my trust in fate
But you’ll come away
And if it’s right it’s

I’ll be your hero


So incredible
Some kind of miracle
When it’s meant to be
I’ll become a hero
So I’ll wait, wait
Wait, wait for you

I’ll be your hero



Аккорды Hero (Sterling Knight, OST "Starstruck") аккорды для гитары и текст песни
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  1. Ирина Викторовна Июнь 10, 18:11

    Отлично!) Долго искала, спасибо

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