Depeche Mode — Blue Dress аккорды для гитары

[F]Put it on [G or Gm?]
[Dm]And don’t say a word [G]
[F]Put it on [G]
[Dm]The one that I prefer [G]
[F]Put it on [G]
[Dm]And stand before my eyes [G]
[F]Put it on [G]
[Gm]Please don’t question why
[F]Can you believe

[F]Something so [A]simple
[F]Something so [A]trivial
[Dm]Makes me happy man
[G]Can’t you understand
[F]Say you believe
[F]Just how [A]easy
[F]It is to [A]please me [D]

[Dm]Because when you [B]learn
You’ll know [C#]what makes the [G]world turn

{comment: the following as above}

Put it on
I can feel so much
Put it on
I don’t need to touch
Put it on
Here before my eyes
Put it on
Because you realize

Something so worthless
Serves a purpose
Makes me happy man
Can’t you understand
Say you believe
Just how easy
It is to please me

Because when you learn
You’ll know what makes the world turn

Аккорды Depeche Mode - Blue Dress аккорды для гитары и текст песни
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