Deep Purple — Super Trouper

Em D Em G
I was a young man when I died, o-ou
Em D Em
I was a flash, I was full of pride, o-ou
Em D Em G
I gave it all, I gave my soul, I was so strong
Em D Em
I felt the truth, I felt the pain in every song


D Hm
how well you know me
A G Em
You’ve seen me cry
C Am
I’m just a shadow
Em H7
In a rock and roll sky

I was living in a rock and roll sky, o-ou
I was a king, heavy on the style, o-ou
Super trouper, yes I know you well, making me shine
I couldn’t see what you did to me. I was so blind


Проигрыш: F#m — 8 тактов Hm

I wanna be like I was before, o-ou
but this time I’m gonna know the score, o-ou
I need a home I can leave behind knowing you’re there
Super trouper, I can see you now, return your stare


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